If you’re a skilled tradesperson or employer looking for training to improve productivity or safety, click on the training tab.  If you are an educator or school, targeting youth or adults, looking for resources to teach or introduce careers in construction, this is the page for you.

How does the Ohio Valley Construction Education Foundation Assist Educators?

Curriculum Assistance / Sponsorship (NCCER)

The National Council for Construction Education and Research offers nationally normed curriculum and activities for educators to build an entire new course or to use as a supplement to existing. We certify and sponsor schools and educators allowing their students to earn industry recognized credentials and certificates offering advanced placement upon graduation.

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Ohio Valley Construction Education Foundation has found that educators want to be connected to regional employers and employers want to be connected to classrooms; yet there remains disconnect. TOOLS offers resources to form the connections that become long term relationships. Here are a few samplings of what the TOOLS program can do for you:

  • Live In class or virtual lessons/activities/speakers/interactive events
  • Real or Mock interviews
  • Scholarship Opportunities for students and schools
  • Post graduation Career placement for students

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